Our Programmes

Our unique portfolio of cutting-edge and high impact training programmes build skills in four inter-related areas namely Supervisory Essentials, Management and Leadership Essentials, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship essentials and Coaching.  We also host a series of leadership and enterprise development seminars and conferences featuring world-renowned authors and speakers.

Supervisory, Management
and Leadership Essentials

Our programmes are premised on the concept of legacy leadership thus enabling learners to lead with a long-term view, create a leadership culture and value team leadership above individual leadership. Our programmes cover core supervisory, management and leadership areas including managing self and personal skills, team leadership, communication, managing people, innovation, leading change, providing direction and achieving results.

Coaching for Success

Coaching is an essential leadership skill. While coaching focuses on the individual, its successful implementation brings substantial benefits to both the individual and the organisation. These benefits include retention of valued talent, increase in productivity, development of high-potential performers (high flyers), overall job satisfaction and realisation of business objectives. We equip leaders with skills to bring out the best in their team through coaching and mentorship. Our programmes provide learners with practical tools to establish and maintain successful coaching relationships based on a structured journey.

Entrepreneurship Essentials

Entrepreneurship education is a lifelong learning process, starting as early as elementary school and progressing through all levels of education, including adult education. Our programmes deal with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and innovation to enhance skills entrepreneurs require to launch innovative and sustainable ventures. We assist entrepreneurs understand the process of setting up a business, defining their business idea and assess its viability and work on their business plan. We also equip them with management and leadership skills required to successfully run their businesses.

Keynote Events

All of our open and in-house keynote seminars and conferences are designed to be high impact learning experiences. They can also be customised to fit and support our clients’ unique leadership competencies, strategic priorities and corporate culture. Our keynote seminars and conferences are underpinned by our continuous research in our field of expertise and are built along specific themes such as Accelerating the Pipeline, Accelerating Growth, Leading Change, Champions By Design, Defying Leadership Gravity, Coaching for Performance, Leading the Pack, Leading Yourself, Legacy Leadership and Leadership Sustainability.